Westjet Agreement Flight Attendants

These are stressful days for our sisters and brothers who work on board as flight attendants and pilots. The crash of Ethiopian Air`s Boeing 737 Max 8 last week killed 157 people, including 18 Canadians. Unifor extends its condolences to all the victims of the crash, including the families, aid workers, climate activists on their way to a conference and the crew – and their families. This tragic crash causes chaos at airports, as flights are cancelled and new flights are offered to passengers, as the 737 Max is taken out of service – all during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year and inevitably contributes to the stress of your work. CALGARY, May 28, 2015 /CNW/ – The Proactive Communications Team (PACT) announced today that the interim agreement between WestJet and the Flight Attendant Association Board (FAAB) has been ratified. Over the past year, women around the world have come forward in increasing numbers with stories of harassment in the workplace. As a union, we believe it doesn`t take too much to go to work without fear of harassment or sexual harassment that could occur there. Unifor`s collective agreements negotiate clear anti-harassment language and due process for workers exposed to harassment and discrimination. Many unions do, but Unifor goes even further to stand up for women in the workplace.

Some WestJet flight attendants say the airline regularly pays its cabin crew less than minimum wage because they are only paid for the time they spend in the air, not for their time at work. Now that WestJet flight attendants are certified, CUPE will work with WestJetters to build the network of lawyers they need in the workplace and negotiate their first collective agreement. “Someone from high school is going to look at $25 and think it`s fantastic, without understanding that it`s by flight block lesson, not by hour of service,” a flight attendant said. The airline and the union tie the flight attendants` starting wage to double the minimum wage in the province where the employee resides. The AEA continues to catch up and shows WestJetters why a real union is needed. A week after Unifor raised concerns about WestJet`s dismissal and recall rights and informed you of the employer`s efforts to ask the federal government for an exemption from its layoff and recall obligations, the AEA finally came forward – and yet it said very little. It is simply not enough. Flight attendants, for example, have the security of knowing that CUPE is on their side to ensure that their rights are protected.

To learn more, join a Zoom call on Monday where cupe 4070 executive members explain the difference a union has made for WestJet cabin crew. .

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