Virtue Of An Agreement

Another essential labour right is the right to equal pay for equal work and, more broadly, the right to non-discrimination. Individuals within firms should be treated according to the requirements of the virtue of justice and standards of excellence, which are in part constitutive of practice (MacIntyre 2007, p. 192). Paying people differently for the same contribution does not meet the requirements of equitable distribution (Aquinas, ST II-II Q. 61 art. 1), as well as any form of arbitrary discrimination that deals with foreign characteristics rather than standards of practice on how certain people should be treated. Under the law, it is: because, in respect of, in reason, under a statute or under a statute. Tsoukas, H. (2018a). Strategy and virtue: develop strategy as a practice through the ethics of virtue. Strategic Organization, 16.3, 323-351.


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