Materials Transfer Agreement Sample

[“Bioprospectrion Agreement” refers to the written agreement between the [transferor] and the [transfer] titled “O” and is executed on — and a copy of that agreement is attached to this agreement.] Comment: If the acquirer or taker is an agent for another company (or if the acquirer is required to transfer the regulated genetic resources to another entity), the other entity should also be identified. 3.3. The [taker] shall not transfer samples of materials provided by the [transferer] and not transfer the genetic resources produced using these samples to others, except at: 3.4. The [transducer] keeps records of the handling, storage and physical transfer of samples and [transfers] makes them available. These guidelines provide that BIO members would enter into a “bioprospecting agreement” before collecting or ex situ physical samples of “regulated genetic resources” on site. This agreement would include the granting of prior informed consent, as well as conditions for the collection and use of regulated genetic resources, including the distribution of benefits. Depending on the type of collection, the agreement could also contain provisions that would transfer the collected physical samples of regulated genetic resources from the supplying party to the BIO member. In addition, a separate agreement could be reached on the transmission of regulated genetic resources after physical samples have been identified or collected. This model is intended to complement these guidelines and review them in conjunction with these guidelines. As such, it is intended only for use with “regulated genetic resources,” as the term is used in paragraph I.B.2 of the guidelines – essentially materials of non-human animal, plant or microbial origin, containing units of functional heredity and subject to the requirements of prior informed consent, etc., of the Convention on Biological Diversity. 2. Avoid measures that posed a threat to the conservation or sustainable exploitation of biodiversity, which is adjacent to activities to collect samples of genetic resources from an in situ site located in a contracting area.

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