Lounge Agreement

The only happy passengers with access are those who have a priority passport. This way, you can enter the lounge, regardless of your status or your travel class. The other option is to enter the living room. In Poznan, for example, they charge you the reduced price of PLN 37. In airports where neither a Star Alliance lounge nor a star alliance company offers lounges, third-party lounges are mandated by some of our member airlines. As a Star Alliance Gold customer, which flies with a star Alliance member`s flight from these airports, you can access these third-party offices. Please read the Finder Lounge to find out which lounges you have access to in accordance with each airline`s guidelines. Skip the lines, find their way to the airport and relax in one of the airport`s more than 650 lounges in the world. Enter an airport or city for more information on The Fast Lane, Terminal Cards and Lounge Access. Right now, there are much more important issues for frequent flyers than access to the lounge, for example. B the way to get to your destination with all cancellations. Yet, for many readers, the airport lounge is a nice place to retire, especially now that the intermediate hours of 3 o`clock are not uncommon.

As a Star Alliance Gold customer, which travels on connecting partner flights in all travel classes as part of an itinerary that includes at least one Star Alliance flight, you can access member airline lounges, connecting partner lounges and third-party contract lounges ordered by the Connecting Partner at the airport where your flight departs. Simply present your boarding pass with star Alliance Gold Indicator for the Interconnection Partner`s flight. If your boarding pass does not show the Star Alliance Gold Indicator, you must also show a valid Gold card (p.B digital or physical FFP card) and proof of a connecting route (z.B. its route printed or displayed on its mobile phone, indicating that the flight made by Connecting Partner is on the same daily flight as a flight made by a member company or an airline boarding pass on the same day the airline is made). You are entitled to a customer who must travel on the same flight as you. You can send a request to the vip lounge services by phone/fax: (843) 254 01 10 or by e-mail: t2sopvip@airportkzn.ru from 8am to 7.30pm. When entering the business lounge, the passenger must present himself with the full name and provide the flight number after the initial security check. International flights VIP passengers must arrive at the Business Lounge 1.5 hours before departure to obtain passenger and baggage check-in, which ends 1 hour before departure.

The passenger must then present the passport, the birth certificate (in case of travel with the child) and the luggage at check-in. The operator gives a duty-free coupon to use in the bar or in the duty-free shop. Duty free is located on the first level of the international air show. The passenger is transported on board the aircraft on the separate minivan, in accordance with the pre-flight safety screening procedure.

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