Credit Assignment Agreement Template

8.3. After AV Marketplace has received the corresponding share of payments from the partner`s borrower, AV Marketplace distributes it proportionally to the participation to all creditors who have receivables on the borrower under the loan contract, including the agent, as follows: 7.3. By this agreement, the agent irrevocably authorizes AV Marketplace, as agent of the agent, to request and recover late interest to the partner in favour of the agent, in accordance with the cooperation agreement of the loan manager, partner and market place of the av, if the lender or partner does not pay the sums that the borrower must pay to the agent in accordance with the agreement or agreement. maturity. 2.7. The agent confirms and understands that the debt may not contain all the creditor`s claims on the borrower arising from the loan contract, that the agent does not become the borrower`s sole creditor under the loan agreement and that, in this situation, AV Marketplace, the partner and the creditor, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the i-Plate-form and the provisions of the agreement , manages the claim in conjunction with the rights of other users of the platform against the borrower that arise from the loan agreement, to the extent that such rights exist. The originator of the loan does not manage the law as stipulated in the agreement and does not act as agent of the agent. The agent confirms and understands that the debt transferred to the transferee is not a priority over the claims of the borrower`s other creditors (including the partner) of the loan agreement. All funds received by the borrower are distributed among creditors in accordance with the loan agreement, taking into account the principle of proportionality. 5.1. In order to avoid any difference of opinion, the contracting parties: to distribute all funds received under the loan agreement and from the debt collection between the partner, on the one hand, and other creditors who hold debts on the borrower at the time of receiving payment from the borrower, on the other; allow agents to verify the translation of a standard loan contract on platform i on the basis of which the loan agreement is concluded; 12.1.

The contracting parties do not inform the borrower as a result of the assignment of the debt, unless required by this agreement. The parties do not file complaints against each other. 8.3.1. The repayment of the loan is divided proportionately between the amount of each creditor`s debt against the borrower; 2.6. The right is transferred from the partner to the agent as soon as the agent has paid the transfer fee to the partner in full under the terms prescribed in 4.2 of the Terms and Conditions. Interest charged to the borrower and pending at the time of transfer is not transferred from the partner to the agent by transfer. To avoid any doubt, only interest calculated from the date of the transfer of the right is transferred from the partner to the agent.

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