Contoh Dialog Pendek Agreement And Disagreement 2 Orang

The underlined expression expresses…. A. Sympathy B. Possibility C. Disagreement D. Uncertainty 3. Contog Dialogue Agreement Disagremently Contested By 4 People While in the dialogueAccords and disagreements, the following 4 people can learn the expression procedure at once if we approve and do not correspond in English. In the dialogue agreement and disagreement, 4 people are specifically a sentence that directly includes with the material in the disagreement dialogue and the agreement is bold as below. Teen Meaning: Hi Friends! Ben: Hello Teen! Hi, Teen and Ben! Dio: Hello everyone! Teen: Hi, Ben, yesterday you said we should discuss the plan the next day. What is it? Dio: I`m very curious about that.

Please let us know. San: Yes, now know Ben: Okay, it`s actually about our class. I have to make our class more colorful. Do you agree? Teen: Yes, I do. I agree with you. San: I`m not sure, I`m afraid our class counselors will bother us if we don`t ask first. Ben: What do you think, Dio? Dio: I agree to a certain extent, but I think what San says is true. We need to discuss this not only with our classmates, but also with our classmates. Ben: Yes, it`s true, I think it`s a good idea, but I`m not confident enough to present this idea in class. San: Really? Hmm, let me do it and everyone has to agree with me hehehe Teen: No, no, no! You don`t have to be arrogant. I do not agree with you. We also need to hear the opinions of our classmates.

Ben: Yes, it`s true. San: No problem. Dio: An amazing plan, let`s do it as fast as possible! Ben: Okay! San: Now? Teen: Sure! The appropriate expression to conclude the dialogue is …. a. I do not agree with B at all. I can`t contradict C. I never disagree with D. I agree with Arti Andi: I`m thinking of spending our holidays in the mountains. Bibo: I think so too! Andi: I think it could happen around September. Bibo: I`m not sure! It was probably a little too cold for some people to go there in September.

Andi: Really? I don`t have enough information about this mountain. Bibo: What about the end of April? It`s sunny in April, isn`t it? Andi: Yes, of course, it would be better. Bibo: Did you know, maybe we`d better look for information about Mount Bromo or other information. Andi: I absolutely agree! We have to do it right now. Bibo: Good! All right, let`s do it now! From this dialogue, we can assume that Kiara is speaking…. A. Accord B. Disagreement C. Opinion D. Teacher Satisfaction: Morning Students!. I see too much room in the classroom wall.

Please don`t write anything on it. The classroom looks so dirty. Rino: Some of us write a word or line on it, sir. Professor: Oh, don`t do that anymore! Do you agree if we repaint this classroom? Bina: I agree. The class becomes more colorful. Professor: What color do you like? Inda: I thingk that orange will fit our mind. Cleo: Orange? I don`t think so. In my opinion, the blue will be more impressive. Teacher: That`s enough, student! We choose blue on one side, but on the other side, it is pink. Do you agree? Rino, Bina, Inda, Kleo: We agree, sir! English Administrator – If you are in a debate, discussion forum or casual conversation, you must express your agreement or disagreement. The expression can be very. However, you can follow a few key phrases below to express your agreement or disagreement in such a situation.

Learning in English, the expression of approval and divergence involves 9 matter definition of agreement and disagreements such as the phrase We agree to contradict the meaning that suggests that disagreement. After understanding the example, it is time to repeat the example of agreement and disagreement.

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