Company May Conclude Agreement

The monitoring of compliance with the collective agreement, the agreement is exercised by the parties to the social partnership, their representatives, the bodies concerned in the field of work. The employment contract or the contracts or agreements attached to it may indicate the essential liability of the contracting parties. The employer`s contractual liability to the worker cannot be less and that of the worker may be greater than that provided by this code or other federal laws. During the first year of work, the worker acquires the right to go on vacation after six months of continuous work in the given organization. After the parties agree, the worker may also be entitled to paid leave before the six-month period expires. Guarantees and allowances for workers who combine work and education in higher education institutions that do not have state accreditation are determined by the collective agreement or by the employment contract. The terms of a training agreement that violate this code, a collective agreement and/or agreements are invalid and do not apply. The contract is issued by the employer and reported to the worker within three days of the date of the conclusion of an employment contract. Written confirmation by the staff member is required. The employer must make a notarized copy of the order available to the employee at the employee`s request. The order of work, the leave procedure and the granting of leave are determined by the agreement between a worker and an employer. The weekly working time should not exceed and paid leave should not be less than that set by this code. In summary, the person between the ages of 15 and 16 has only a limited ability to enter into an individual employment contract as an employee.

The parents` consent to the minor`s employment must take place before or with the conclusion of the individual employment contract. This consent must be specific, i.e. it must be aimed at a particular contract and must be explicit, i.e. have a clear and precise form (EtefĂ©nescu, 2007, p. 300; Athanasiu – MoarcĂ©, 1999, 46-47; Athanasiu – Dima, 2005, 32-37; 338 and after). The collective agreement, taking into account the financial and economic situation of the employer, can be benefits and bonuses for workers who have more favourable working conditions than those provided by the laws, other normative acts, agreements. PJSC LUKOIL (“LUKOIL”), the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the JSC NC KazMunayGas (“KazMunayGas”) have entered into an oil exploration and development contract on the Zhenis Block in the Kazakh sector of the Caspian Sea.

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