Xiaomi User Agreement

User content is content downloaded, published or generated using the user`s Website and Xiaomi products and services. You must take legal responsibility for disclosing content you have caused. Even in India, almost the same policy, according to the website De Xiaomi India. The detailed list of information Xiaomi has about users can be quite surprising and uncomfortable for many people at a time when the issue of online privacy is brand new. Although, before telling them who collects all of Xiaomi`s information, according to its own privacy policy, it is important to note that almost the same information is collected by other phone manufacturers and that the practice is an industry standard. The Xiaomi website and products and services contain content provided by other users; and the interaction between you and other users belongs to you and other users. If current legislation does not require it, Xiaomi does not control such content, assumes no legal responsibility, or is required to verify, monitor, verify and approve such content. Xiaomi assumes no legal responsibility or responsibility for the risks of such an interaction. Xiaomi is not responsible for disputes between you and other third parties arising from the use of the site or services. Xiaomi is not responsible for any negligence or conduct of third parties with respect to the use of the Site or Services. In addition to the provisions, you can contact us immediately via our email address (legalqa@xiaomi.com) if you believe that someone is copying or publishing your work on the website and that you are also infringing your copyright. Please also include in the written notice the following information: (i) documents that assume that you have copyright or that you have the right to copyright on allegedly infringed content; (ii) your explicit identification, address and contact information; (iii) the network`s address of allegedly offensive content; (iv) the description of works purportedly protected by copyright, which are allegedly incriminated; (v) materials that suggest that your copyright has been infringed; (vi) On the premise that you bear all the consequences of perjury, you make a written statement in your written submission about the accuracy and authenticity of the content. Mi-Co can choose to offer community features on this site, such as Z.B.

messages or newsletters, forums and chat rooms. In such cases, Mi-Co does not undertake to monitor, filter, censor, edit or regulate the information or content you provide or third parties on this site, although Mi-Co reserves the right to do so at its discretion.

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