Life Partner Agreement South Africa

1. The parties currently co-exist in a domestic partnership and intend to continue to co-exist in this agreement; This could include applying for a spy visa in South Africa if you are in a life partnership agreement, or trying to prove the existence of a cohabitation agreement to obtain a housing agreement from a government organization. The goal of the partnership must be to make a profit. Both parties must contribute to the business. The partnership must work for the benefit of both parties and the contract between the parties must be legal. There may be a situation in which a spouse dies without executing a will. Should this unfortunate event occur, the Intestate Succession Act allows the surviving spouse of a civil cooperative to inherit after the estate of the sublime. The case law has extended this provision to same-sex partners who are in permanent partnership. Unfortunately, the verdict did not extend to heterosexual partners and, therefore, other partners will not be able to inherit if their partner died intestate. A (global) life partnership agreement is a legal document that partners sign in a long-term relationship in order to have legal rights over finance, health, property, property, etc. A life partnership is similar to the characteristics of marriage and refers to cohabitation outside marriage.

We advise you on all facets of life partnership contracts. We are also committed to the development and implementation of such agreements. Despite the lack of legal status, however, the SA courts held that a universal and regular explicit or tacit partnership could exist between a cohabiting couple. As part of a universal partnership, both parties agree to create their current and future assets, which would look like a marriage in the property community. However, unmarried partners who have not entered into a partnership or community of life and who have lived together for several years are not without a remedy if the relationship is broken.

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